Offering a Space where Healing Takes Place

Providing Energetic/Emotional Healing infused with Shamanic Therapies

Healing Services

I have been involved in Shamanic healing for the past 12 years, working with clients throughout this time. In addition to Shamanic studies I have trained in complementary types of healing, including Qigong, Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Angel Fire. I integrate these, as appropriate for each client, providing an approach that I call Shamanic Therapies.

Life Transitions

I can assist you if you have, or are about to: move, change jobs, end relationships or are facing a health crisis.  Depending on our discussion and your objectives, our sessions would include such ceremonies as:

  • Clearing crystallized energies that block your energy flow
  • Removing the effects of emotional/energetic insults
  • Assisting you in visualizing and embodying your new, healed state
  • Clearing and healing your Chakras, your centers of energy within your body
Entity Removal

Entities are energies that are within you but not a part of you.  They break through your protective Aura and disrupt you and your life.

There are crystallized and fluid forms. Crystallized entities embed themselves in the physical body and appear in such forms as daggers, spears, arrows, swords, etc. These are not conscious and, once located, are extracted in ceremony, at the end of which, the affected body part is healed. They are usually the result of intense negative energies directed at you (e.g., anger, resentment, hatred).

Fluid entities have not yet crystallized and are parasitic by actively feeding off your energies. While crystallized entities embed themselves in the body, fluid entities  embed themselves in the nervous systems. There are 2 types and can be extracted and healed using a variety of ceremonies:

  1. Negative emotions directed towards you. These affect you like a mild infection but never heal until extracted
  2. Intelligent entities are from the residue of someone you knew. They are mostly lost souls seeking healing whatever way they can. Occasionally they can mean harm.
Calming and Soothing

Many clients just want to feel better as a result of a healing session. They find my Shamanic Therapies leave them mellow, feeling less burdened and in a lighter, calmer state of mind. Many fall asleep on my massage table, nestled under a comfy blanket. 

These sessions can include one or more of:

  • Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Angel Fire’s gentle and harmonious energies
  • Removal of unhealthy attachments or cords to others
  • Clearing and healing your Aura
  • Use of crystals to enhance and integrate work in the session

My Story

Throughout my life I dealt with a few common allergies and anxiety/panic attacks. I found intense exercise helped me manage until the stresses and responsibilities of raising a family and intensifying my career became too much; strenuous distance running no longer supported me but rather depleted me. Doctors suggested that I just try to relax but I knew how much discomfort I felt in my own body, how unsettled I was in my mind. I finally determined that I had become environmentally sensitive and, under a Doctor’s care, began treatments for suspected Lyme disease. While in treatment I retreated from active life in an attempt to avoid the toxicity  around me and allow my nervous system to heal. 

Unable to work, I felt a failure as Father/Provider. I was determined to heal, to be there for my family, so I rigorously followed my Doctor’s advice and, after a couple of years of treatments and self-care, I began to manage my exposures and perform work again. Still sensitive to many things, and told to maintain avoidance, I began seeking an effective way of reducing my sensitivities. I was guided to participate in Pete Bernard’s professional Shaman training (The 8th Fire). The work I did through the course was so life-altering that I felt I had been disassembled and no longer knew how to be in the world. In order to reassemble myself in a more healed way, I continued my evolution through a second version of the course with many new ceremonies. Afterward, I still had more lessons to learn and relationships to heal so I was gifted a third time through the course. As a result I deepened my experience with many more forms of ceremony. My experiences throughout the course work provided me with powerful tools with which to heal myself and others. 

As a supplement to my Shamanic training, I have become certified in complementary types of healing, including Qigong, Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Angel Fire.  I integrate each into a unified approach that I call Shamanic Therapies.

Healed Outcomes

Interested in my services? Do you feel some emotional or energetic issue is affecting your life. Do you want your space cleared of negative energies? Get in touch with me via this email and I will get back to you as soon as possible!